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As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on—in the midst of a political election year, looming economic uncertainty, and unrest throughout the nation— most of us are dealing with more than our fair share of stress.

Stress can impact the body in a number of ways, including both physical and mental health effects. In fact, there are many men and women who assume that stress can trigger hair loss, potentially resulting in premature baldness.

Is there any truth to this assumption? Here’s a deep dive from the Luminary Cosmetic Medicine & Hair Restoration team.

The Truth About Stress and Hair Loss

First things first: Stress is not the most common trigger of hair loss. If you’re dealing with thinning hair, there’s a decent chance that there’s some other factor involved.

For men, it’s likely male pattern hair loss. For women, it could be genetics, hormonal imbalance, or medical side effects.

With that said, there is evidence that links stress with hair loss. In particular, those who experience intense levels of stress over a prolonged period of time may find that their hair starts thinning.

There are three specific types of hair loss that may be associated with stress. These include:

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What to Know About Stress and Hair Loss

For those who believe they are experiencing stress-related hair loss, our first tip is simply this: Don’t panic. Often, stress-related hair loss is temporary. If you get your stress under control, you might find that all your hair grows back.

Even if your hair doesn’t grow back, there are plenty of options available for restoration. While a hair transplant is the ultimate solution, there are also pharmaceutical products and other therapies that can be highly effective in triggering new hair growth.

If you’ve noticed sudden, patchy hair loss, and if you recognize that you’re been dealing with a lot of stress, we’d invite you to join us at Luminary Cosmetic Medicine & Hair Restoration. We’d love to chat with you further about your hair loss, to walk you through different treatment options, and to help you start feeling more like your old self.

Stress is tough, and hair loss may only make you feel worse. Again, don’t panic! We’d love to tell you more about the solutions available for dealing with hair loss.

Contact us today for your free hair restoration consultation.

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